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First of all let’s talk about the history of the coronavirus. The coronavirus which is also called COVID-19. The first case of coronavirus was confirmed in the city of China Wuhan on 1st December 2019. In China people have started recovering, but the bad news is that it is spreading in the world as a fire. Especially in Europe. The coronavirus has affected the whole of Europe badly, especially Spain and Italy. The deaths and recovery ratio is almost the same in Italy, this is not actually good news for the people of Italy.

Coronavirus Pandemic in Netherlands

Unfortunately in the Netherlands the cases of coronavirus have been confirmed. Till yet almost 10K people are confirmed with the corona disease, and almost 6% of the confirmed cases are recovered. By keeping an eye on these circumstances, the government of the Netherlands has decided to stop the prostitution activities in the Netherlands, especially in the amsterdam. It does not mean you can’t hire the escort girl. Let me clear you one thing, the prostitutions are working independently, on the other hand the escort girls are working under the agencies. So the government did not think about stopping the escort activities. In this lockdown situation the escort is the only situation to make you busy at the home. If you are at home, and having nothing to do and you did not enjoy any sexual activity because of corona pandemic you can contact us.

Coronavirus Effects the Escort Industry in Amsterdam

In the last two weeks of March, almost 90% of the escort’s appointments were cancelled. Because people are frightened and don't want to keep any sexual relation with strangers. The coronavirus has affected the economy of the Netherlands and the Amsterdam escort as well. The recent books are getting canceled. The clients and customers are asking for the refund. In Amsterdam more than 1 lac girls are working as the escort girl, and in this crisis we also have to support them. The coronavirus pandemic in the Netherlands has broken the backbone of us.
First of all I should have to clear one thing, according to the doctors the coronavirus disease never spreads from sexual activities, because this is not a genetic problem. It was just like a flu, and spread in the air. In this critical situation, the steps the escort industry has taken: we have taken our girls for the coronavirus, and the second thing we have taken permission from the government for the escort activities.

Are the Escort Girls are Medically Verified:

According to the instructions and restrictions of the government I have brought our girls for the medical test. Every girl has taken the test for the coronavirus. Fortunately all our girls are tested negatively, so you don't need to worry about the coronavirus infection from our girls. For your relaxations and satisfactions I can even show you the medical clearance and clearance given by the government.
I am running a registered escort agency in Amsterdam, so I never take a risk on the health of the customer. So I have decided I will send the copy of the medical certificate of the escort girl along with her, so that you can confirm about her before touching her.

Services Providing In Coronavirus Pandemic

Currently we are not providing the escort girls for the parties. Because we also have to take care of the girls. So we are avoiding the gatherings. Due to lockdown in the Netherlands you can't take the girl for shopping. Yes you can take her for lunch or dinner, but remember the restaurant should be hygienic. All sexual activities are allowed, but avoid from the threesome. It should be one to one sex. Our escort girl will satisfy you completely, and will extract all your tensions and stress from the mind.
For making the services perfect and hygiene, you have to make yourself neat and clean before meeting the girl. We recommend you should have taken a bath, it is good for your and for our girl. Please avoid face to face touch especially from kissing (recommended if you use a mask). Also keep the hand sanitizer along yourself, so both of you can clean your hands again and again. These are all for your safety.


PUBLISHED at 2021-02-24 18:42:35 Author: Kaysen Raymond

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