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5 Basic Rules of Amsterdam Escort You Should Obey

There is no doubt that Amsterdam agency is one of the best agency in the world, and behind its success there are many reasons. The basic rules and codes of the Amsterdam escort is one of those reasons. Whenever you are going to enjoy the escort services in escort Amsterdam there should be un-written rules, because there will be no agreement you have to sign before hiring the escort girl. Just call the escort and the girl will be your door step. While you are hiring the escort girl the agent will instruct you with some rules, you should follow them.

Rules and Codes of Escort Amsterdam:

The basic rules and codes of Amsterdam escort, those obey is applicable on every customer are mentioned below.

1. Personal Hygiene:

We think you already have the knowledge of the personal hygiene, but mostly people don’t understand this terminology and done a mistake. The main problem whenever the person hire the escort girl he thought he has paid for her, then they don’t need to prepare to meet her, this is absolutely wrong. You should have to well prepare, well dressed and hygiene. Even the escort girl from the red light area when meet someone she will notice that is the men hygiene or not. If you are not well prepare to meet her, she may be refuse to provide you escort services and will refund your money to you. So well prepare and hygiene before meet her.

2. Give her Full Respect:

The one of the most important rules you should need to obey during meeting with escort girl that is respect her. Yes we know there is point in your mind that, the selling of the body is not a respectable profession, so why you should respect her. So the answer is very simple this is the business, you are paying her and he giving you in return then how it could be non-respectable profession. The escort service is legal in the Amsterdam, so you are restricted to respect her, in case of any harsh behaviour she is allow to leave you instantly. In case if she is behaving you then call the customer support immediately we will look her.

3. Use of Protection

All escort agencies in the Amsterdam have to obtain the escort work license as well have to clear the STD test, in simple word the STD test is to ensure that the girl is disease free, this test is financed by the government of Netherland this is another proof of legality of escort in Amsterdam. The escort girls are drugs free and STD free. The escort girls are safer the prostitution in the street of Amsterdam. The escort girl will never allow you for the unprotected sex, you always have to use the condom for the sex, if you force her for the unprotected sex, and she will immediately leave your place because he has rights to protect her safety.

4. No hidden Camera:

There is a common problem in the Amsterdam escort. People are trying to take the snaps and recording the video the escort girl just for bragging among the friend, which is not acceptable in the escorts Amsterdam. You are not allow to share any kind of pictures and videos of the escort girl. If you want to take a picture with her then you should ask her for the permission, if she will allow you then you can take the picture otherwise you can force her. Is she don’t want reveal herself then you don’t have to any right to do that.

5. Threesome Sex:

There is nothing in the threesome sex, and you are free to do a threesome sex with an escort girl, but the condition you should have to ask her before. If she agree on the threesome sex there is no issue, if she want to do sex alone, then you should have do with her alone. In some case the escort even don’t want the third person in the room, if she say you that she wants to stay with you alone in the room then the third person have to leave the room.


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